Why do you use coconut wax?

Coconut wax burns cleaner & longer than any other candle wax.  A longer burn gives you a better investment for your candle purchase.  Coconut wax creates a beautiful ivory color for all natural coloring.

Are coconut wax candles eco friendly?

Yes, coconut wax candles are the most eco-friendly candles on the market.

Does coconut wax contain GMO?

No, coconut wax is a non-gmo product.

Are your candles smokeless or dripless?

Our candles use wicks which are rated to reduce or eliminate smoke while burning and are considered smokeless.  Some smoking will occur briefly however, when the candles is extinguished.  Our candles should not be placed close to the ceiling, or on bookshelves close under the next shelf. While it is not common, our candles will sometimes drip like normal candles too, so use common sense when choosing where to burn your candles. Air flow matters.  

How long will your candles burn?

9oz Glass Tumblers: 55+ hours
3.5oz Travel Tins: 12+ hours

How are your candles made?

All of our candles are hand poured in small batches in order to keep consistency.  

What kind of wax and wick do you use?

We use all natural coconut and palm wax blend in our candles and natural wood wicks that are lead-free.

My candle isn't burning down evenly, what am i doing wrong? 

After lighting the candle allow it to burn until the wax melt reaches the edges of the container. That establishes the memory of the wax and will allow it to burn evenly all the way down.

How do I clean the glass tumbler now that it has burned all the way down?

Clean the glass with warm/hot water and dishwashing soap. All of our glass tumblers are dishwasher safe. You can now use the glass as for your favorite cocktail once clean and all fragrance and wax has been removed.

Do you sell your candles wholesale to stores, wedding planners and retailers?

Contact us for wholesale or special orders.

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a by-product of the soybean industry, which has concerns about deforestation, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers to grow soybeans. Also, soy wax does not carry as strong of a scent throw as coconut wax.

Why won't my candle stay lit?

If your candle extinguishes the first time you light it, simply try relighting it until it catches, this may take a few tries. The main reason a wick won't stay lit is because the candle was not burnt correctly on the first burn.
When lighting a wood wick candle, the best technique is to tilt it on an angle and let the flame draw across the length of the wick (kind of like how you tilt a match after lighting). It may also take several tries to get it lit! The heat from the flame needs to draw the wax through the wick before it will really start burning nicely. When in doubt, give it another try - once you get it going once, it should light up more easily.